Hi! I'm Juhis,
a community builder from Finland.



For the past two years I've built tech communities and now it's time to take the next step. I'm looking for a job building and managing tech communities in Europe.

juhamattisantala [ at ] gmail.com


PS. If you are not currently looking for me, please spread the word to your friends and acquaintances.




Tech Communities: Two of the most common ways to build tech communities to help your company are running recruitment related activities (events and campaigns like hackathons, workshops and meetups) or being an evangelist/advocate for your product aimed at developers and helping them learn how to use your tool — bringing in more paid users.

Co-Working Spaces: Running a co-working space is all about providing value for your members: finding the best connections, partnerships and services and making sure that the people inside your co-working community don't miss out on collaboration opportunities amongst each other. I'm great at organizing both internal and external events to strengthen the sense of belonging to a community as well as bringing those new connections into it. 

Accelerator Programs: I can do both strategic and operational work bringing accelerator programs to life and creating a strong feeling of belonging in the batch and the alumni community. I can build curriculums, organize coaching sessions, demo days and other events and network to find the best possible coaches for the participating companies.

Non-profits: Not everything in life is valued by money. I have an extensive background in non-profits and managing volunteers: I know how to motivate and engage people to join the community and I thrive on providing an unforgettable experience for people joining the community.

Wild Card: In addition to the ones listed above, I'm more than interested in hearing if you have something else in mind where I could help.



Boost turku


From Sept 2015 to Sept 2017 I worked as a Community Manager in an entrepreneurship society Boost Turku where I grew a community of students and young entrepreneurs.

See below

Workshop series with peer-to-peer focus
Spring 2016: Programming APIs, Creative Programming, Crowdfunding, Lean Startup, Cyber Privacy, Project Management, Graphic Design, Bargaining
Fall 2016: Building websites, Digital Marketing, Prototyping, Project Management, Lean Startup, Pitching, Tools for Startups, Crowdfunding
Spring 2017: Personal Branding, Productization, Time Management, Service Design, FB & IG Marketing, Lean Startup, eCommerce, Product Demos, Stage Performance, Startup Funding, Guerilla Marketing

Two summer-long programming courses for beginners learning basics of frontend development (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

Summer 2016: 25 participants selected from applicants, 3 months of independent work using CodeSchool's platform + bi-weekly f2f group meetings with coaches
Summer 2017: Open format course with 100+ participants. Bi-weekly lectures + coaching.

Turku <3 Frontend


I founded Turku <3 Frontend in December 2015 and ever since, I've been growing a community of frontend developers and designers in Turku. From 0 to 350+ members in just two years, we have transformed the tech scene in Turku.

We run monthly meetups and organize events like conferences, programming competitions and hackathons with the support of the local software companies.

Between Sept and May, we organize a meetup once a month, hosted by one of our partners in their office. We have two speakers giving 30-minute talks about frontend topics.

August 2016 we hosted our first hackathon with location theme. Participants of a one-day hackathon built apps varying from apps to help one find the nearest pub to services showing you what neighborhoods are the best to live in.

In May 2017 we hosted Code in the Dark event with 7 teams doing their best in replicating websites — with access only to a screenshot and an editor.

In January 2018 I launched Turku Gives Back — a project to promote open source software and encourage companies to contribute back.

On February 2nd, participating companies are dedicating half a day of their time to contributing to open source projects and giving back to the community that helps them run their businesses.

I also write about our events and technology in our Medium blog

rails girls


Rails Girls aims to open up technology and make it more approachable for girls and women.
The weekend event is free and open to all enthusiastic girls and women. Rails for Girls wants to empower girls to build the capacity and acquire the tools to conquer the last online frontier.

I have been organizing/coaching in Rails Girls workshops since November 2013, all together so far 8 workshops (and 1 upcoming in Feb 2018) in 5 cities and 2 countries.

In addition, I was active in the global organizers' Slack community helping new organizer find their way into the community and getting the support they needed.

▶ Rails Girls Helsinki x Junction, organizer
🕐 6-7th November 2015

▶ Rails Girls Turku, organizer, coach
🕐 23rd-24th October 2015

▶ Rails Girls Jyväskylä, organizer, coach
🕐 16-17th October 2015

▶ Rails Girls Helsinki, organizer/coach
🕐 8-9th May 2015

▶ Rails Girls Salo, organizer/coach
🕐 17-18th April 2015

▶ Rails Girls Turku, organizer/coach
🕐 6-7th March 2015

▶ Rails Girls San Francisco, coach
🕐 17-18th January 2014

▶ Rails Girls Helsinki, coach
🕐 8-9th November 2013




After coaching in a lot of one-off workshops like Rails Girls, mehackit, Django Girls and other ad-hoc events and teaching at the University of Turku, I felt the need to provide access to a more long-term coaching.

In summer 2017 I started Koodimentori (Programming Mentor in Finnish) to help beginners and juniors with 1on1 mentoring. In my first batch, I have three mentees who are building websites, React web apps and IoT solutions.



Boost Turku's Startup Journey is an award-winning accelerator program that helps young entrepreneurs get a kickstart to their ventures. We are a non-profit community that provides easy access and high quality support for early stage startups.

Summer 2016: 
I co-ran an accelerator program with 11 teams and 10 weeks of coaching from the top 30+ coaches in Finland. I was in charge of our Game Track where we had 4 game industry startups.

Summer 2017:
I lead the program with 7 teams and 10 weeks of coaching from the top 30+ coaches in Finland. I was in charge of curriculum, marketing, coach recruiting and general program.



Beneath the surface and a CV full of projects, I'm a Finnish guy turning 30 with passion for communities, sports, Pokemon and good craft beer.

I want to get to know you as human beings in addition to your business so I decide to start with myself.

Don't take my word for it. Hear it from people I've worked with.