Community Manager

I inherited the organizer attitude from my father. In many of my hobbies I've become more interested in organizing events and building websites and all the support activities than the hobby itself. That led me into community management. I love building communities where the community members come together to build something they want and need.

I want communities to be places where individuals can grow and shine while building something everyone benefits from. I can do social media, blogging, events and I have an analytical approach to my work.


Community Manager, Boost Turku
Sep 2015 - Sep 2017

I learned about Boost Turku in Feb 2013 when my teacher brought me into one of their events. During that spring I got to know the community and people there and with the generous help of the people running it I ended up working in San Francisco in Jan 2014.

When I returned home and decided to jump into community management in fall 2015, I was lucky to find an open position with Boost. At the student-run volunteer-based non-profit we help students to get excited about entrepreneurship, we organize workshops to help them learn the vital skills of entrepreneurs, we connect them and other young entrepreneurs to each other and other people in the world. During the summer we run an award-winning accelerator program Startup Journey.

During my 2-year work (which is still on-going until the end of summer 2017) I've organized plethora of events: keynotes, workshops, hackathons, game jams, programming schools and ran the 10-week accelerator program. In addition I've worked in collaboration with multiple partners such as companies, universities and public sector to organize wide variety of activities.


Founder and Organizer, Turku <3 Frontend
Dec 2015 ->

In December 2015, to combat the drought of meetups in Turku, I founded Turku <3 Frontend, a meetup community for frontend developers in Turku. During the first year of operations in 2016, we grew to have 250+ people community, organized 9 meetups & 18 talks with local software companies and organized a one-day community hackathon.

At Turku <3 Frontend my main responsibilities are finding sponsors/hosts, recruit speakers, be active in social media and organize the practicalities in meetups.


Organizer and Coach, Rails Girls
Nov 2013 ->

Teaching programming and technology has always been close to my heart. I started coaching in Rails Girls workshops in November 2013 and have since coached and organized events in Helsinki, Turku, Salo and Jyväskylä in Finland and in San Francisco, CA, USA. In addition to organizing 2-day workshops I've done my share of helping local organizers around the world in our global community with the experience I have.


Jack of All Trades, Finnish Table Hockey Association & Table Hockey Turku
2003 ->

Table hockey is a fun hobby played with Stiga's hockey boards. It combines quick reflexes with strategic mind. In addition to playing, I've been organizing events ranging from 3-player "let's play a few games" to national tournaments like Finnish Championships to 100+ player international tournaments such as the World Championships in 2011 and ITHF World Tour tournament Turku Open in 2016.

I've also built websites for different teams since 2003 and I'm currently in charge of the website, statistics backend and social media of both Finnish Table Hockey Association and Table Hockey Turku (sites in Finnish).