Developer Evangelist

I'm looking for a job as a developer evangelist for a great tech company that builds a product that developers can love.

I understand developers

I started programming almost 20 years ago as a hobby and have ever since lived in the world of software development. I've studied with computer scientists and software engineers, taught programming, talked in meetups and conferences and founded a popular meetup.

I read and occasionally participate in forums like Hacker News and Stack Overflow to stay up-to-date with the newest trends of technology and startup world.

I'm well networked

I know the tech scene from first-time programmers to students to seasoned veterans in Finland. I've taught programming to beginners in workshops like Rails Girls and longer programs like Boost Summer of Programming, been active in the student scene and founded & currently run Turku <3 Frontend.

Turku <3 Frontend is a meetup community I grew to over 200 people within the first year and helped ignite the tech meetup scene in Turku to what it is now.

I love communities

For the past few years, I've worked as a community manager for a startup community Boost Turku. During the time I've ran one award-winning accelerator program and another batch is on-going right now, organized hundreds of events from keynotes to workshops and hackathons and networking events.

In addition to my work, I'm active in building Rails Girls community, run a previously mentioned meetup, volunteer in startup related events like Slush, SHIFT and Dare to Learn and usually find myself on the organizing side of the events I end up to.

I get shit done

I'm a doer, I make things happen. I'm good at working independently setting my own goals and making sure I deliver the results but I'm also more than happy to work in a team to make sure that the team is more than just the sum of its members.

If there's something I don't know, I figure it out. If there's someone I need to reach, I have extensive networks that can help me out.

My expertise and attitude combined with your great product, we can make all the developers love you. Send me an email or connect with me in LinkedIn and let's talk.